3 Reasons You May Want to Visit a Podiatrist

27 December 2019
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Aching feel may not feel like a reason to go get professional help. It's easy to fall into the trap of believing that your feet take a beating and that resulting pain is no big deal. Taking care of your feet can be a difference-maker, and you should consider talking with a doctor about these three possible podiatry issues. Athletic Injuries Despite the famous claim of "no pain, no gain," the reality is that pain is always your body trying to tell you something important. Read More 

Important Bunion Information

23 April 2019
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Do you find that it is difficult to walk because your big toe has restricted movement and is in a lot of pain? There are numerous reasons for a big toe to experience problems, and one of the most common is for a bunion to be present. If you have a bunion, get it examined by a specialist as soon as possible so you will know what caused it to develop. Read More 

Why Get Toe Surgery?

28 November 2018
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You don't like your toes. Whether your toes overlap, are crooked, too short, too long, or you don't like the curvature of your toes due to a mallet or hammer toe situation, you can get surgery to correct your toes and make them more appealing. Why get toe surgery? There are many reasons to consider this type of treatment for your feet. Your podiatrist can perform the toe surgery for you and will show you what your feet will likely look like after you have the surgery done. Read More 

Treatments That Might Help With Your Heel Pain

3 September 2018
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Heel pain has a variety of causes, and depending on the cause, the pain can be on the bottom of your heel or the back of it. The pain may result from an acute injury or from a chronic condition. Heel pain shouldn't be ignored or you could cause damage to the tissues in your foot. A podiatrist has several heel pain services for treating heel pain. Here are some treatments that might help. Read More 

Tips For Dealing With Tired And Sore Feet At The End Of The Workday

26 June 2018
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If you have to stay on your feet all day at work, you may come home with tired, achy, and swollen feet. Physical exercise is good for you, but when your feet bother you at the end of the day, you want to find a solution for the problem. Here are some home treatments for pain relief and how a podiatrist might be able to help: Rest And Elevate Your Feet Read More