Signs Bunion Treatment Or Surgery Are In Your Future

17 August 2021
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Bunions are a common foot malady many people have. Caused often by too-tight footwear, genetics, and other possible factors, this is a condition where the big toe pushes into the other toes. This causes the bone in the main joint of the big toe to curve, creating a bump on the outside of the toe.

Bunions are not only unsightly when they get large, but they can become painful as well. There are many bunion treatment options you can consider with your podiatrist, and if things get really bad or your bunion symptoms worsen or don't improve with time, bunion surgery is always an option.

Here are signs bunion treatment or surgery are necessary. If you act now, you can have more control of your bunion situation, so call your podiatrist right away to set up an appointment for bunion treatment and other foot care needs.

Finding shoes is difficult

If your bunion has deformed your big toe to the point where finding shoes is nearly impossible, then it's time to see your podiatrist about bunion treatment. You can be prescribed shoes with a wider toe box, have your big toe fitted for a splint or spacer to help straighten and strengthen your big toe, or you can be referred to a surgeon to remove the bunion if it's too severe to repair.

Early intervention is key, so as soon as your toe starts to rub against your shoes or cause other discomfort when you wear shoes, see your podiatrist for bunion treatment.

Foot pain is getting severe

Lots of inflammation and other pain can accompany having bunions, so if you have increasing pain that does not find relief with cushioned shoes, over-the-counter pain relievers, foot soaks and massages, and other home treatments, then your podiatrist can recommend bunion treatment right for you. Treatment will usually include an exam of your toes as well as X-rays to determine the main cause of the pain so treatment can be provided.

Your podiatrist may recommend bunion surgery if your pain is severe or if inflammation or joint damage is the cause of your foot pain. Your bunion will continue to improve so long as you follow your foot doctor's recommendation for care.

Your bunion issue can be limited to one foot or can include both feet. Your podiatrist will be able to help you feel better about your feet so you can enjoy healthy walking and movement free of bunion discomfort.