Got Big Plans For The Holidays? How To Make Sure Your Feet Are Up To The Task

22 November 2017
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It's that time of year. It's time to head out for some holiday shopping. It's also time to take off on family vacations. Regardless of your holiday plans, if you're going to be spending a lot of time on your feet, you'll want to avoid pain and injuries. Unfortunately, when you're busy walking, it can be difficult to give your feet the care they need, which means they could start causing you some serious aches and pains. Don't take your feet for granted. Here are four simple methods you can use to protect your feet during the holidays.

Start with a Visit to Your Podiatrist

If you're going to be spending a lot of time on your feet over the holidays, start with a visit to your podiatrist. You don't want foot problems to sideline you during the holidays. Be sure to discuss any issues you're having with your feet, including pain or tingling. These could be signs of underlying foot problems that will need to be cared for.

Pamper Your Feet Daily

Whether you're spending all day in the mall, or chasing after kids at a family get-together, you're feet are going to bare the brunt of your activities. That's why you need to pamper your feet every day. Begin with a thorough cleaning. Fill a wash basin, or large bowl, with lukewarm water and add a tablespoon of Epsom salts. Soak your feet in the basin for about 10 minutes before washing them with a mild soap. Dry your feet thoroughly, including between your toes, and apply a moisturizing lotion. Be sure to lather some lotion on your heels and between your toes.

Avoid Going Barefoot

You may think that it's perfectly harmless to go barefoot in the house. Unfortunately, that's not necessarily true, especially during the holidays. You're going to have people in and out of your home. They'll be tracking all kinds of germs and bacteria into your house. If you're going barefooted, you have a good chance of developing a fungus on your feet. Protect your feet from fungus by keeping your feet covered, even when you're in the house. If you don't want to wear shoes in the house, slip into a comfortable pair of warm socks or slippers.

Keep Your Feet Warm

When feet get cold, they can cramp up quickly. You can avoid those painful cramps by keeping your feet warm during cold weather. Always wear socks with your shoes, even if they're heavy boots. The socks will provide an added layer of protection against the cold. Plus, they'll help keep your feet dry. If your feet do get cold while you're outside, come in and warm them up in a basin of warm water. Don't get the water too hot, or you could injure your feet.