Tips For Dealing With Tired And Sore Feet At The End Of The Workday

26 June 2018
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If you have to stay on your feet all day at work, you may come home with tired, achy, and swollen feet. Physical exercise is good for you, but when your feet bother you at the end of the day, you want to find a solution for the problem. Here are some home treatments for pain relief and how a podiatrist might be able to help:

Rest And Elevate Your Feet

Rest your feet as often as you can during the day, but if you can't, then try to elevate them for several minutes when you get home from work. This takes the stress and strain off of your feet, and elevating them helps reduce swelling. If you have to stand in the same place all day behind a cash register on or an assembly line, try to shift your weight and move your feet around as much as possible to enhance circulation if you can't elevate them. When you elevate your feet at the end of the day, try placing ice packs on them to reduce pain and help with swelling.

Massage Your Feet And Do Foot Exercises

Massage and foot exercises increase circulation in your feet, and the movements help with stiff and tired muscles. You can buy massage balls and foot massagers that you place on the floor and roll your feet over. This gentle stimulation might help with your pain and relax your feet. Exercises like picking up a pencil with your toes and rotating your ankles might help too as these movements stretch muscles that have been doing repetitive actions all day. For added comfort, do the exercises and stretching motions with your feet in a foot bath or tub of warm water.

Consult A Podiatrist For Diagnosis And Treatment

If you struggle with foot pain every day after work then seeing a podiatrist could be the best way to manage your problem. The podiatrist will help you figure out the cause of your pain. It might be excess weight you're carrying, wearing the wrong shoes, or a medical condition such as diabetes or plantar fasciitis. You might also have a foot abnormality such as flat feet or feet that rotate to the outside when you stand or walk.

A podiatrist can run various tests to determine the cause and best treatment for your foot pain. You might need to wear a different type of supportive shoe or put orthotic inserts in your shoes. You might be taught specific strengthening exercises that build up the muscles in your feet so they don't get tired as easily.

While tired feet are normal every once in a while when you stand or walk longer than usual, if you deal with them every day, it's a good idea to see a podiatrist for treatments that relieve your pain.