Why Get Toe Surgery?

28 November 2018
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You don't like your toes. Whether your toes overlap, are crooked, too short, too long, or you don't like the curvature of your toes due to a mallet or hammer toe situation, you can get surgery to correct your toes and make them more appealing.

Why get toe surgery? There are many reasons to consider this type of treatment for your feet. Your podiatrist can perform the toe surgery for you and will show you what your feet will likely look like after you have the surgery done. Here are reasons to get toe surgery.

You improve your confidence

If you don't like to walk around barefoot or wear sandals because you don't like the way your toes look, you miss out on a lot of things. Boost your confidence and gain happiness with the way your feet look by getting toe surgery to correct the shape and appearance of your toes.

You improve your foot health

Are your toes painful? Does it hurt to put pressure on your toes or wear certain types of shoes due to the shape and curvature of your toes in general? You can wear arch supports, toe spacers, and cushioned socks to help alleviate some of your discomfort, but in the end your toe condition is likely to worsen, not get better. You can even get bunions and ingrown toenails due to the shape of your toes. Your podiatrist will perform toe surgery that will put your toes in their correct alignment to improve the way you walk and your overall foot health.

You improve your posture

When your toes are aligned correctly, your posture can improve. Since you will be balancing the pressure on your feet more evenly, you can improve spine and posture health even while you make your feet look and feel better. Better posture makes you feel more confident and improves your overall general health, so having your toes worked on can be beneficial to you in more ways than just foot improvement.

In order to make your surgery a true success, you'll have to wear the right types of shoes to give your toes space. Ask your podiatrist about the right footwear to wear once your toes have healed so you can keep your toes in healthier condition, longer. After your cosmetic toe surgery, stay off your feet and rest as recommended so you heal fully and make your surgery more of a success. You'll also heal more quickly.