Important Bunion Information

23 April 2019
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Do you find that it is difficult to walk because your big toe has restricted movement and is in a lot of pain? There are numerous reasons for a big toe to experience problems, and one of the most common is for a bunion to be present. If you have a bunion, get it examined by a specialist as soon as possible so you will know what caused it to develop. The specific cause of the bunion will play a major role in the method of treatment that must be performed to get rid of it and provide comfort to your foot. Continue reading this article if you desire to learn more about bunions and getting them treated by a specialist.

Developing a Bunion

A common cause for a bunion to develop is wearing shoes that are not the appropriate size for your feet. For example, wearing shoes that are too narrow when your feet are wide can cause your toes to become crowded together. The pressure placed on the big toe bones can lead to it developing problems, such as a bunion. Rheumatoid arthritis is another condition that can lead to bunion growth, as well as severe pain that might make it difficult to move your big toe. A specialist can also determine if you injured your foot and it led to the bunion developing.

Diagnosis & Symptoms

Determining if you have a bunion or not involves a very simple diagnosis process for a specialist to perform. Basically, he or she might be able to diagnose the problem by simply examining your big toe visually. The look and feel of the toe can be enough to confirm that you have a bunion, but in some cases, an X-ray must be performed as well. The types of symptoms you have been experiencing will also play a role in the diagnosing process. For instance, the location and severity of your pain, stiffness, redness, skin thickness, and movability of the toe are symptoms the specialist will be concerned about. 

Surgical Bunion Treatment

Although a bunion can possibly be treated in several ways, surgery is sometimes necessary for the greatest relief. A bunionectomy treatment is a procedure that will involve a professional making changes to the bones in your big toe. For instance, he or she might have to remove a small piece of bone to change the size of your big toe. Shaving your toe joint down can prevent it from pushing against the toe next to it in a painful manner.